You are a registration platform and wish to offer the Dokeop service to your organizers?

Nothing could be easier with the Dokeop API !

In order to be able to offer the service to as many organizers as possible, we have chosen to interface with all the registration platforms on the market via the Dokeop API.

Rest API
Create your OAuth2 application on Dokeop and integrate the REST Dokeop API into your platform. Offer the service as an option in your interface dedicated to organizers' events.
Thanks to the Dokeop webhook, you are informed in near real time of each event related to a registration (document submission, verification status, etc.).
Secure storage
The documents are stored on our secure servers in France, so you don't have to archive them for the entire legal period.
Register with Dokeop
Integrate the Login with Dokeop button and allow athletes to register with their Dokeop account information. If a document is valid, the registration can be finalized directly at the registration.

We accompany you throughout the integration of the service until it is up and running. We bring you all our technical expertise and you will be in contact with our developers.

Developer documentation
For more details, see our Dokeop API Agreement.

Registration platforms that are already partners

Do like them and offer our service to all your organizers and athletes, it's simple, free and efficient. So don't hesitate any longer!