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Dokeop is a document management platform (medical certificates, sports licenses, etc.) designed to make your life easier when you register for competitions. So you can focus on what really matters to you.

No more trouble with the medical certificate

Thanks to Dokeop, managing your medical documents is child's play.

I deposit my document (medical certificate, license,...) on Dokeop
I access my documents on all my devices
I automatically validate my registrations for the next races (Dokeop partners)

Generate your medical certificate in only 2 minutes

No more medical certificates rejected for non-compliance, illegibility or even expiration.Thanks to our online medical certificate generator, you no longer need to ask yourself the question of the specific information to be included on your document, we indicate them for you.
Document prepared in full compliance with current French legislation. Find out more about the conformity of a medical certificate

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Keep your documents always at hand

Dokeop gathers all your files in one place.Easy to find and accessible on all your devices, you can access them anywhere and at any time.

Be alerted when your document expires

Dokeop sends you a message when your document (medical certificate, license,...) expires in order to anticipate its renewal and never to be caught off guard when you register for competitions.

Instantly validate your registration

No more waiting time (sometimes very long) to find out if your registration has been validated by the organizer. Dokeop will instantly send your document (already validated) to the competition organiser. And now it's time for practice!

Find this service whatever the race

Dokeop is gradually developing its network with online registration platforms and organizers so that you can find this service on each of your future online registrations.

Instant validation
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Track the status of your document (medical certificate, license,...)

Thanks to the personalized dashboard, you can now track the status of documents being checked and add as many documents as you wish (sport-specific certificate, sports license, etc.) for future registrations.

Understand the reason for refusing a document

Dokeop explains the reasons why your document was not accepted, with supporting documentation.

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More than 1354 races connected to our service

We work every day to offer our service to as many organizers and registration platforms as possible.

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