nom propre (dɔk-é-ɔp')

A word synonymous with simplicity in the management of medical certificates for sport, licences and much more. Highly appreciated by organisers and clubs, doctors and athletes.

The genesis of Dokeop

Vincent and Romain are partners at Dokeop but are above all brothers in life. This is how Romain, from the beginning of his career as a running event organiser, has noticed several problems with the medical certificate :

  • Collecting and checking is a real waste of time and energy for the organiser (fake certificates, illegible documents, non-conformity, disputes, reminders, etc.) ;
  • For the participant, the same medical certificate must be provided for each registration for an competition, even if it has already been validated elsewhere.

Sharing this observation with Vincent, a web developer, they imagined a digital platform. management of supporting documents (medical certificates, parental authorisations, proof of performance, ...) acting as a link between all the players in the sports world: organisers, clubs, federations, athletes, registration platforms and doctors.

Dokeop was born!

Notre ambition

At Dokeop, we are conscious of the stakes of the digital transformation of the sports world. This is why our daily life is driven by the following ambitions:

  • To support event and club organisers as closely as possible in this phase of digital transformation;
  • Provide an easy-to-use and reliable solution at all levels (high availability, security, regulatory compliance, compliance with GSPD);
  • Always be at the forefront of technology to offer the best service to our users;
  • Make our service compatible with all sports;
  • And finally our main objective: dematerialise 100% of documents related to sports practice (medical certificates, licences, health questionnaire, proof of performance, etc.).

Notre philosophie

Ambition is good, but never at the expense of our convictions, which is why we never lose view our values :

  • Always placing the needs of the players (athletes, organisers, clubs, federations, doctors, registration platforms, etc.) at the centre of our thinking and development;
  • Scrupulously respecting the personal data of our users, we promise never to resell your data;
  • Be inspired by the best but always remain authentic.

Who are we?

Above all we are passionate about running and trail running in particular.

  • Vincent Piau

    Vincent Piau

    Co-founder / CTO

    A self-taught developer and passionate about endurance sports (trail, cycling, raids), Vincent is the technical architect of Dokeop.

  • Romain Piau

    Romain Piau

    Co-founder / CEO

    Organiser of sports events and marketing consultant for 10 years (UTMB, EcoTrail, ..), Romain is in charge of Dokeop's business development.