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With our offer, no unpleasant surprises: the rate is applied to the registration having led to one document deposit or not, with priority verification when using of our Dokeop medical certificate template.

Tarif Unique

0,64€ HT / registration*

Standard Offer

  • Detailed dashboard
  • Unlimited organizer delegate accounts
  • Automatic email reminders to athletes
  • Long-term archiving of documents
  • Athlete support by email
  • Priority verification in 24 hours

* Fixed price for setting up the service of 150€ HT

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Processing times

For each competition of the event, the organizer defines a deposit deadline for document submission. This deadline defines the frequency of email reminders to submit documents as well as the verification deadlines below:

14 days

Deadline for deposit in 1 month or more

4 days

Deadline for deposit in 1 week or more

24 hours

Deadline for deposit in less than 1 week or Dokeop certificate template


By entrusting us with the management of your supporting documents, you are also entrusting us with the responsibilities that go with it.

Our responsibility is committed
It is our responsibility to verify that all the required elements are present on the documents in accordance with the following requirements the Sport Code and the regulations of the federations in force.
Our responsibility is not engaged
We are no longer liable if the document provided is found to be falsified or not authentic or in the event of information being entered wrong. In each of these cases it is the responsibility of the athlete who is involved.